Meow's Dividend Journey: May 2017

I had 5 dividends come through this month: General Mills, B&G foods, P&G, Welltower, and LTC properties.

General Mills hasn't done great for me in terms of gains (an article I read blames their failure to sell yogurt?) but I am holding on to them. I have faith that they'll identify their weaknesses and correct them. Like most toddlers, I'm a big fan of Cheerios, and I think General Mills has room to grow with their purchase of Annie's Naturals. Not to mention that I enjoy their dividend, which they've been growing for 13 years.
General Mills Raises their Dividend

B&G is another stock that has lost some value for me since I bought it, but the dividend has not failed to please. They're another food stock. I actually picked up a couple cans of Underwood Deviled Chicken (it's market research) and found it pretty tasty with mayonnaise. I'm also hoping that their Green Giant riced veggies are a big hit. B&G has been increasing their dividend for the past 6 years, and I hope they are able to continue to do so.

P&G has been growing its dividend for 60 years now, and raised the dividend this quarter to .6896 from .6695. Woo!

Welltower and LTC are health-care real estate stocks. Welltower has been growing its dividend for 7 years. I'm very excited about this sector- it's poised to see a huge demand as the Boomers age!

The total? $100.02 in Dividends for May- what a great month! How is your dividend journey coming? Did you have a good month? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Some solid names paying you in May. I hold many similar names as you I see. I'm sticking with my GIS for the long haul. Every company stumbles from time to time. JNJ had big time recalls a few years ago, MCD was written off for dead a couple years ago, JACK came back after people died from their burgers, etc. etc. Stick with quality and sustainable dividends, diversify and you should be OK over the long haul.

  2. Nice results! Great to see a fellow GIS shareholder!