Meow's Dividend Journey - September

September is always an exciting month for dividends. As one of the four quarter-ending months, September sees a disproportionate number of companies (as well as many mutual funds) pay out dividends. March, June, September, and December are most folks' best months for dividends!

9/1/17: CHD

Church and Dwight, makers of Arm and Hammer baking soda, has been on fire since I bought it. Their baking soda products, from kitty litter to toothpaste, have been immensely popular, and the stock reflects that. It did some cooling off price-wise this summer after a tepid earnings report, but I have faith in this company for the long haul. Arm and Hammer products are favored by lots of people, myself included. The dividend has been holding steady at 19 cents per share all year.

Dividend: $8.55

9/1/2017: COP

Conoco Phillips is an energy company, primarily oil and gas. I bought them in 2015 during what I thought would be a rough patch... which turned out to be an extended energy downturn. Since then, they've cut their dividend and

When I bought them, spending a couple hundred dollars on some shares felt like a huge purchase. Now, they make up a relatively small portion of my dividend account. I can afford to ignore them until things look less bleak for oil and gas. Until then, COP can buy me a latte every few months... thanks COP.

Dividend: $2.65

9/7/2017: UL

While P&G has been fighting with Trian (see last month's dividend report), Unilever has been uniformly kicking butt and taking names. After acquiring Dollar Shave Club and Seventh Generation in 2016, Unilever went on to acquire Pukka Herbs and Hourglass in 2017. I am loving this strategy of acquiring all these hot natural brands!

On the downside, news came out today of an unintentionally, but egregiously, racist ad from Dove soap (a Unilever brand). Will all the people suddenly shouting "Boycott Dove" affect my bottom line? Seriously, Dove, you should've caught that one before it got out of the gate.

Dividend: $10.23

9/11/2017: ROK

I feel very lucky to have picked up Rockwell Automation back when it was $109/share. I bought it way back in my dividend journey because I wanted something to do with robots and automation. This stock has by far outdone any other stock I've bought so far. With a 1-year return of 47%, it just blows me away! Thanks robots!

Dividend: $6.84

9/12/2017 JNJ

Johnson and Johnson is always handy for an extra fourteen bucks. I know a lot of people in my social circles are having babies this year: did you know that in addition to their famous baby shampoo and band-aids, J&J also makes the baby-butt cream Desitin? Every time you slather some on your little one's bum, you're helping me retire. So slather away!

Dividend: $14.28

9/22/2017 BP

While oil still hasn't recovered fully since its 2015 dip, my BP dividend has remained steady. Not much to report in this area.

Dividend: $6

9/29/2017 LTC

Another monthly dividend from my only monthly payer, LTC properties. While my J&J stock covers babies, my LTC stock covers the elderly: it's a real estate trust that specializes in long term care facilities.

Dividend: $6.55

Total September dividends: $55.20 - This just about covers my phone bill. Not bad! My dividend numbers have deflated a bit since I moved some money to my retirement account for better tax treatment, but it's nice to see a few payments rolling in here and there.

October is looking to be a much quieter month. Hopefully all of my companies will behave themselves (I'm looking at you, Unilever!) and the dollars will steadily roll in.

Dividend Friends, how did you do?


  1. 1 bill at a time then it turns into 2 then 3. Good job. No shared ones but had a great month. Keep it up.

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