Meow's Dividend Journey: November

November passed me by quickly. While I was focusing on other things (my health, my family and my job), the dividends still dripped in even though I was not actively watching. That's the beauty of dividends!

I made no sales of shares this month, because I was able to fund my 401(k) from my wages alone. (I occasionally cannibalize my dividend account to max out my 401(k) due to its tax-advantaged nature. These days, 401(k) is my priority. I keep my 401(k) totally separate from my dividend account. It's not dividend-oriented.

I actually made one purchase this month: Target. I've had my eye on Target shares for a long time (It's just such a happy place to shop, and they're pioneers at using algorithms to, ahem, target customers!!) so when they dipped this month, I snapped some up.

GIS: $19.60 General Mills

$19.60 is a big dividend for me, and although the stock performance of General Mills isn't what I thought it would be when I bought it, the dividend has been really nice to see.

PG: $20.69 Proctor & Gamble

P&G has had a rough quarter. The maker of Tide, Head and Shoulders, Bounty, Swiffer, Febreeze and many other A-list brands had to fend off an infiltration by an activist investor! The share price was low at the end of October / start of November.

I like P&G as a stock that weathers downturns pretty well. I guess when hard times come, the public says, "You'll have to pry this swiffer out of my cold, unemployed hands!!"

And as a shareholder who receives the dividend... that's just fine with me.

HCN: $26.97  Welltower, Inc

Welltower, one of my nursing home stocks, is a big dividend payer.

LTC: $6.65

Here it is, once again, at the bottom of every dividend report: LTC, the monthly payer! While most stocks pay dividends quarterly, LTC spits out a little money every month.

Total Dividends: $73.91

How was your November? Let me know in the comments, or if you have a dividend blog, link me to your post! I love seeing how other folks' dividend journeys are going.

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