Meow's Dividend Journey - December 2017

The Dividend Year is over for 2017, and what a year for dividends it was!

December is always a hopping month for dividends, and this December set some records as I saw 10 dividends fall into my account this year. Couple that with some fantastic dividend raises like ROK's, and this really becomes a Dividend December to remember!

Buys this Month:

My dividend stock buying this year really slowed down as I diverted every spare dollar into my 401(k). During October, I took frugality to new heights and started biking and walking to work. I also started eating healthier, more frugal groceries and making every single cup of coffee at home. Eating out got majorly axed. Somehow, I pulled together enough cash to buy 14 shares of Calavo growers ($CVGW). They are a produce grower and distribution company, with their main product being avocados- which just happen to be part of my healthy eating! So go on and indulge in that avocado toast!

Watch out for their dividend on my dividend journey: but blink and you'll miss it! They only pay out once a year, unlike the rest of my dividends which pay monthly or quarterly!

12/1: Church and Dwight

Church and Dwight, the company behind Arm and Hammer baking soda and OxiClean, had a great year. The share price is up 13% over the course of the year- not that I plan on selling anytime soon! I think that their products are only going to become more popular as time goes on, and the dividend yield of 1.51% is icing on the cake.

Dividend: $8.55

12/1: ConocoPhillips

It's been nearly two years since the oil crash forced ConocoPhillips to cut their dividend by over 66%. I remember how horrified I was. Little by little, ConocoPhillips is recovering. When will the dividends recover too?

Dividend: 2.65

12/5 Dean Foods

Dean Foods had a struggle-filled year. I bought them in August after their share price took a major tumble. Increased competition, plus their largest customers turning to private label and in-house brands, saw their market share slip in a major way.

But the share price tumble has turned them into a major value- if only they can turn around these trends.

Dividend: $2.16

12/11 Rockwell Automation

It's a 9.9% dividend increase!!!! Jumping from $.76/share to $.835/share, Rockwell really pumped up the dividend this

Dividend: $7.52

12/12 Johnson and Johnson

What a great year to be a J+J shareholder! Johnson and Johnson did a great job acquiring other companies in 2017, as well as powerfully protecting their current assets. The medical device segment also boasted huge growth this year. No wonder the stock soared 24% in 2017!

12/12 Skyworks Solutions

Perfectly positioned to profit from the growth of the Internet of Things, Skyworks Solutions hasn't seen much share price growth since I bought them earlier this year. Still, the dividend is a welcome addition to my snowball.

Dividend: $1.30

12/14 Unilever

Back in 2016, Unilever poised themselves to stay relevant by acquiring Dollar Shave Club and Seventh Generation. In 2017, they launched a new brand called Love Beauty and Planet to appeal to sustainability-conscious millennials. While others have been reading millennials wrong this whole time, Unilever truly seems to understand this generation, offering "brands with purpose" to entice more market share. Good job Unilever!

Dividend: $10.42

12/14 Vanguard Healthcare Index

I bought a tiny amount of the Vanguard Healthcare Index back towards the beginning of my dividend journey. I didn't know a lot about healthcare stocks, so I figured I'd just buy a chunk of all of them by buying an index. It pays a little tiny dividend.

Dividend: $1.30

12/21 BP

I also bought BP back towards the beginning of my dividend journey, when buying a couple hundred dollars of shares at a time was a major investment. A couple hundred dollars is still a lot of money to me, but because of purchasing commissions I now prefer to wait until I have scraped at least $1000 together.

Still, BP has done very well in terms of share price growth since I bought it, and the dividend has been very, very steady.

Dividend: $6

12/29 LTC

Guys, I'm running out of things to say about LTC, my nursing home stock, since they pay every month. So I'll just leave this here:

Dividend: $6.65

Total December dividends: $62.73

2017 Dividend Stats

  • Total 2017 Dividends: $939.60
  • Average Daily Dividend 2017: $2.57
  • Best Dividend Month: March 2017 with $113.58
  • Most Dividend Payouts in a Month: December 2017 with 10 Dividends

It's totally mindblowing to think that I made nearly a thousand dollars this year without lifting a finger. Then again, an average daily savings of $2.57 can also be achieved by giving up Starbucks lattes, or a daily diet coke or snack cake from the vending machine.

Dividend Friends, I hope you had a prosperous 2017 and wish you the best in 2018.


  1. Meow, it's awesome to see that you're right on the cusp of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. It sounds like you're a lock for at least that in 2018 and then the path is open to great growth as long as you stick with it!

  2. Good job next year you will pass 1,000 for the year hopefully you will blow it away. Keep it up