Meow's Dividend Journey - January 2018

It's been another month of dividends. As I plugged away at work all January, my dividend stocks plugged away too.

DG - Dollar General

Well, DG shot up like a rocket! The share price crossed the hundred dollar line this quarter, and as of today, I'm up 43% since I bought them. Not bad!

There aren't any Dollar General stores where I live, but when I visited the Midwest this January, I saw them everywhere. It was very exciting and a good reminder that stocks aren't just bits of paper (or data)- they're pieces of very real companies!

Dividend: $10.92

GE - General Electric

I'm down 43% on GE... and they slashed their dividend. Rough! Still, I have to remember that GE is still a real, functioning company with assets and lots of employees devoted to making a profit. Hopefully in the future they'll be able to make good decisions and avoid breaking up the company.

Dividend: $10.52

BGS - B & G Foods

Over the past few years B & G foods has been raising its dividend a lot. The share price is down since I bought them almost a year ago, but the dividends are solid and the company seems to be doing well. Brands like Mrs. Dash, Ortega, Regina, and Polaner are customer favorites, and I look forward to collecting their dividends for a long time to come!

Dividend: $26.51

LTC - LTC Properties

The month wouldn't be the same without that closing dividend from LTC properties, my monthly payer!

Dividend: $6.65

Total Dividends: $54.60

How was your dividend month? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Good job that stinks about GE and need to watch BGS as its a lot of Return of Capitol