My Dividend Journey

The Dividend Blog : Meow's Dividend Journey

I've been slowly investing in dividend stocks since 2014. Dividend stocks are stocks that pay out money to their shareholders, whether it's monthly, quarterly, or annually. Every year, I cover more and more of my expenses with dividends.  Eventually I will be able to replace my paycheck with dividends.

Side Note: I keep my dividends in a taxable account, and do not include dividends received from my 401(k) and IRA. Why? Because my 401(k) and IRA are invested in index funds and are not dividend oriented. Those are truly retirement accounts, so we are pretending that money does not exist until I am 59.5 years old.

My dividend journey is completely separate from normal retirement savings. I fund it by reinvesting dividends and foregoing expenses like coffee, alcohol, and restaurant meals. 


May: $100.02
June: $146.58
July: $65.20
August: $79.27
September: $55.20
October: $65.20
November: $73.91
December: $62.73

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