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Live Frugally:



Perhaps the area that is ripest for some budget cuts is food.

You do not need to coupon to be frugal! In fact, couponing can have the opposite effect, influencing you to buy pre-packaged food and end up spending more.

The cheapest way to eat is generally to prepare meals from whole foods at home. When I say whole foods, I am not talking about the store, but actual real food items that grow or come out of animals. Potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, veggies, and eggs make up delicious, fresh dishes that generally cost less per meal than prepared foods- even when they are on sale.

Learn to Cook!

It shocks me that a lot of people my age are dependent on take-out for many of their meals, simply because they do not know how to cook.

Eating out costs more than cooking the equivalent food at home. You are not only paying for the food, but for a person to wait on you, wash your dishes, vacuum your crumbs, and of course a little profit for the owner, too.

I ran the numbers, and the lifetime cost of eating takeout for dinner vs. cooking at home comes out to over a million dollars when you factor in the compound interest.

But who has time to cook every single night? I don't do it either. Once a week I prep a batch of food and pack it into individual-size freezer containers. Doing this is known around the internet as "Meal Prep Sunday".

Have any frugal tips of your own? Please let me know in the comments!

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