Personal Finance Basics

Hi Guys, I'm working on a series of articles to get you going from zero to hero when it comes to handling money. Please click around and explore to your heart's content. If the link doesn't work yet, it means I haven't written the article yet (give me time!).


The Most Important Concept in Personal Finance

Compound Interest, Explained Simply.
You must understand this concept- it's so important!

Seven Steps for Getting in Control of Your Money

Step Zero: What is Money to You?
Step One: Emergency Fund
Step Two: Take the Free Money (if it's available)
Step Three: How to Get Out of Debt
Step Four: Start to Save with an IRA
Step Five: Max Out Tax Advantaged Accounts
Step Six: Work on Regular Account
Step Seven: Re-Assess your Goals


 Money Smart, Life Smart

How to use Credit Cards Correctly
Should I Buy a House, or Rent?
How do I get customer service reps to stop lying to me on the phone?
How do I even deal with my student loans?


Technical Stuff

Savings Accounts Vs. Checking Accounts
What is a CD?
What is an IRA?
Why should I care about fees if they're only a fraction of a percent?

Feely Stuff

Can money buy happiness?
What is Hedonic Adaptation?

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