This is the page where I will put all my future articles about taxes!

Everyone likes to talk a big game about how complex taxes are, but I think they are just trying to sound smart. Sure, they can be complex if you have foreign bank accounts, your own business, or lots of crazy investment schemes going on, but for most people taxes are actually rather simple.

You also don't have to be afraid of the IRS. Never mess with them, and never, ever cheat on your taxes - you will get burned. But they're not going to toss you in prison over a tiny math error, either.

I haven't written any articles about taxes yet, but they are coming.

In the meantime, here's some resources from sites I trust around the web to help you understand tax basics.

Khan Academy's "Basics of US Income Taxes" class
Investopedia's Marginal Income Tax Explained

How to Fill Out your Own 1040-EZ

My hope is to write some articles that are a little easier to understand than these... so bear with me!

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